We are a company builder, creating global online leaders

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Continues Innovation, Execution and Global Scaleup

Create ideas, assemble teams.

We develop brand concepts internally, with experienced entrepreneurs, or with global influencers for new online DTC businesses, with focus on innovation, disruptive business models, and consumer experience targeting large global markets

Build the business.

The Blazar team has deep experience in launching new brands in a few months,and through targeted support, we assist the businesses create and sustain a highly accelerated growth journey, while also supporting the long-term scale-up

Scale globally.

Our end-to-end ecommerce support model builds on our deep experience in core functional areas: Marketing & Sales, Digital, Supply Chain, and Procurement enabling us to effectively take the brand from an idea to a successful online DTC brand

Structured approach. Deep expertise. Access to talent.

Structured approach.

We have developed a structured approach to setting up and scaling a new business, through deployment of standardized processes. Every startup launch is run like a McKinsey project – in a fast-paced environment and by dedicated teams with strong problem-solving toolkit.

Functional expertise.

We build on our multi-year experience in core functional areas: Marketing & Sales, Digital, Supply Chain, and Procurement. This is complemented by extensive industry experience in Consumer Products and Retail as well as successful startup history.

Talent access.

We leverage our extensive access to top-performing talent at major management consulting and investment banking firms, added by strong personal and professional networks in the entrepreneurial world. This enables us to partner with distinctive founders and CEOs for our portfolio companies.

A blazar is a rare cosmic phenomenon, one of the most energetic in the Universe

Outstanding drive and energy. Relentless focus. Fast pace.

A blazar is a rare cosmic phenomenon, one of the most energetic in the Universe. Extreme masses of energy are compressed in an accretion disk by the gravitational force and then emitted as a jet in one direction at near the speed of light. This describes the mindset that we operate with.

Outstanding drive and energy

We instill the culture of going the extra mile in everything we do, at all times. From designing a brand identity to improving a manufacturing process – we take great care to create outstanding products and customer experiences, both physically and online for the Blazar Capital companies.

Relentless focus

We appreciate the value of focus. We identify the most attractive market niches and aim to outperform all existing players in those, driving superior returns. Our experience and structured approach enable our teams to focus on what really matters in business building, resulting in incredible efficiency.

Fast pace

We believe that agility and fast decision-making are paramount. The eCommerce and Consumer Internet space has only started to gain momentum globally in the past 5 years and is still nascent in many geographies. We see potential in establishing and growing winning businesses in a short timeframe.