Nov 16. 2017

Blazar Capital announces first members of the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board will jointly support Blazar Capital in development and global scaling of new ventures as well as advise Blazar Capital on all key strategic decisions, from fundraising to new business development.

Blazar Capital is pleased to announce the first members of its Advisory Board that have all been selected based on their unique and strong capabilities:

Jøren Buhl Rasmussen, former Global CEO of Carlsberg. Jørgen has been leading Carlsberg, one of the world’s four largest breweries, for 8 years. Prior to that he was the Regional President in Gillette EMEA. Currently Jørgen holds a number of board positions of several global category leaders, including the Chairman role at Novozymes. Jørgen advises Blazar Capital on the go-to-market approach, marketing strategy, and provides overall guidance in creating and growing world-leading consumer brands.

Mikkel Vendelin Olesen, former Global CEO of Pandora. Mikkel has been the key driver behind the global success of Pandora, having developed it to become the 3rd largest jewellery player in the world. Currently he is a Chairman of the Board of several consumer companies and an active investor. He advises Blazar Capital on the approach to creating consumer brands and scaling them internationally as well as on the selection of new consumer verticals.

Ulla Brockenhuus-Schack, Founder and Managing Partner of SEED Capital. Ulla has established the leading VC fund in Denmark, which has recently raised the 3rd fund of 110 EURm, made 20+ successful exits, and attracted 8 DKKbn in funding to its portfolio companies to date. Ulla and SEED led prominent investments as Endomondo, Vivino, Trustpilot, and others; she holds board positions at a number of companies and foundations. Ulla advises Blazar Capital on all aspects of its funding and fundraising.

Tommy Ahlers, serial entrepreneur, Founder of Podio and Zyb. Tommy is one of the most established Danish serial entrepreneurs who has created Podio and Zyb, exited at combined 80 EURm. He is an active business angel in the Nordics startup scene and is the Chairman of the Danish Entrepreneurial Panel working for the Danish Minister of Industry, Business, and Financial Affairs. Tommy advises Blazar Capital on new business development and scaling of new companies.

Juha Christensen, serial entrepreneur, Founder of Cogniance and CloudMade. Juha is the leading Danish entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley, who has founded CloudMade, Cogniance, The Pad, and many other successful startups. Juha is a Vice Chairman of Bang & Olufsen and a Board Member at Netcompany and several other corporations. Juha advises Blazar Capital on business building and international expansion of the Blazar Companies. Further Juha is Blazar Capitals bridge to Silicon Valley where Juha have been located for multiple years.