Feb 28. 2020

Blazar Capital co-invests in First Drawing with Jacob Risgaard

Blazar Capital has finalized its fifth and last investment in season 5 of Shark Tank. In partnership with Jacob Risgaard, Blazar Capital has invested in the Danish founded start-up First Drawing.
First Drawing´s mission is to improve the overall well-being of families and especially children by giving parents an opportunity to show they are proud of their children, hence making children feel happy and loved. To fulfill their mission, First Drawing has created a product that takes drawings created by children and turns them into original “art pieces” that can décor the walls of families’ homes for many years. First Drawing keeps every original line of the child´s drawing as it is but adds colors and elements to complete the drawing. The child´s drawing is then printed on canvas or as a poster such that the family can have the drawing décor their home for many years.
The company’s performance will be followed by Blazar management. The company will further receive assistance from the central team to optimize current operations.