Jan 10. 2020

Blazar Capital has finalized the first investment through Managing Partner’s participation in the Danish version of “Shark Tank”

In the spring of 2020, the Managing Partner of Blazar Capital is a part of the Danish version of Shark Tank (Løvens Hule) airing on Danish national television. The show is one of the most viewed shows in Danish Television through the later years and is a great inspiration for new entrepreneurs to start companies, an agenda we are very happy to support and promote at Blazar Capital. 

Through Christian’s participation, Blazar Capital has finalized its first investment in Danish founded start-up Siccaro. The venture, founded in 2013, retails dog equipment and is at the forefront of technology with its Wet2Dry fabric technology and aesthetic designs. The company is thus expected to be a suitable addition to the current portfolio of Blazar Capital. 

The company is currently receiving assistance from the central Blazar Capital team on optimizing its current operations to build further on the current trajectory.