Jan 20. 2020

Blazar Capital invests in Danish-founded start-up WallPipe operating in the interior industry

Blazar Capital finalizes its second investment through Shark Tank participation. As a result of Christian Arnstedt’s participation, Blazar Capital has invested in Danish founded start-up Wallpipe. 

WallPipe retails lamps in a modern Nordic design and sustainability is a key element in WallPipe´s business model. Wallpipe has created a lamp using recycled pipes. The use of recycled pipes creates a unique and modern lamp while incorporating sustainability, as the use of new materials is at a minimum.
Thus, WallPipe, with its circular business model, is a suitable addition to the current portfolio of Blazar Capital, which consists of other e-commerce companies with a significant focus on sustainability as a part of their operations. 

The company’s performance will be followed by Blazar management. The company will further receive assistance from the central team to optimize current operations.