Blazar Elite focuses on building high growth companies around influential people

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Introduction to Blazar Elite

  • We create brands around influential people by providing a full framework and operating model
  • We bring all the resources needed including product design, operations, technology team, and senior management capacity
  • Blazar has deep experience in building consumer goods companies from idea to launch and scale-up

The Dream Step-by-Step

  • Blazar Elite matches a strong personality with a high growth business plan
  • We jointly define the concept and brand universe
  • We develop a signature collection with unique products
  • We create a marketing and sales strategy with a focus on the right audience
  • We build and grow the business together


Blazar Elite has built several million dollar companies and is specialized in:

  • brand development
  • product development
  • supply chain management
  • sales expertise


The Blazar Elite tech team tailors every inch of the webpage and are a specialist in:

  • building e-commerce
  • optimizing e-commerce
  • scale exquisite e-commerce solutions
  • search engine optimization as well as Google and Facebook advertising


Our Blazar Elite management team is a dedicated division composed of:

  • proven entrepreneurs and senior leaders from top-tier consumer good company
  • backgrounds from McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and successful startups

Blazar Elite – Europe

Lindgreen Allé 9,
2300, Copenhagen
[email protected]

Blazar Elite – USA

1250 Borregas Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
[email protected]