Mar 01. 2021

Moonboon joins Blazar family through Shark Tank

Blazar has completed another investment through this season of the Danish version of Shark Tank. This time, it is founder Marie Grew with her company Moonboon that is set to become part Blazar family – brilliant news for all parents of young children.

Moonboon is a Danish online retailer of baby equipment in appealing organic materials. Moonboon’s organic baby equipment is made in appealing designs inspired by the moon, night, sleep, dreams, and adventure.

As for the thoughts behind the brand name, the moon is a symbol of sleep, while “Boon”, meaning blessing or luck, encapsulates all the good in life.

Among the most popular Moonboon products are the baby hammock and baby hammock motor – a parent’s two new best friends when it comes to helping children fall into a nice deep sleep.

The company’s performance will be followed by Blazar management. The company will further receive assistance from the central team to optimize current operations.

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