A portfolio of global online leaders in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce space

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Portfolio Companies

Blazar’s ventures are global online leaders in various consumer industries disrupting monopolized markets by offering a strong value-proposition, a world-class founding team and a global scale. Developed companies in Blazar’s portfolio are classified as Blazar Core, while newly incubated ventures are operated in Blazar Labs. In Blazar Elite, the companies which are American-based are operating.

Nordgreen is an ethical watch brand merging Scandinavian minimalistic design with a strong focus on responsibility

The company was founded by Pascar Sivam, Vasilij Brandt, and Christian Arnstedt concurrently with their establishment of Blazar Capital. Nordgreen was the first company in the Blazar portfolio, and it has grown rapidly ever since.

Nordgreen watches are designed by the world-famous Jakob Wagner, well known for his large portfolio of Bang & Olufsen designs. The company emphasizes sustainability through an extensive CSR effort – with each watch you purchase, you have the unique ability to donate part of that purchase to the cause that means the most to you.

Visit nordgreen.com

Chamberlain Coffee is a global coffee company built around the vibrant personality of Emma Chamberlain

Chamberlain Coffee combines great coffee with a unique brand identity with the aim to become the first-choice coffee brand for people all around the world.

The company was originally founded by the popular Youtuber, Emma Chamberlain. Chamberlain Coffee was re-created and re-launched in October 2020 in collaboration with Blazar and is now one of the largest coffee brands on social media in the United States.

Visit chamberlaincoffee.com

MessyWeekend is an online eyewear retailer selling affordable sunglasses that blends urban street fashion and creativity…

with a new approach to marketing and manufacturing. MessyWeekend aims to disrupt a high-margin industry by mixing excellent design and great quality with low prices – both for their sunglasses and ski googles.

Since their beginning back in 2018, numerous large collaborations have taken place with Logan Paul and Mads Nørgaard among others.

Visit messyweekend.com

Moonboon is an online retailer of baby equipment in appealing organic and sustainable materials

Moonboon’s organic baby equipment is made in designs inspired by the moon, night, sleep, dreams, and adventure – baby equipment which helps babies sleep better.

The moon is a symbol of sleep, while Boon, meaning blessing or luck, encapsulates all the good in life. Moonboon products are GOTS certified – among the most popular are the revolutionary baby hammock and baby hammock motor.

Visit moonboon.com

Scandinavian Biolabs is an online cosmetic brand, focusing on 100% natural and highly functional products

With the use of 100% natural and vegan ingredients, Scandinavian Biolabs advocate innovation through plant-based ingredients and full transparency when it comes to producing its products. All components in the hair growth formulas are carefully chosen due to the simple fact that they are natural, healthy, and scientifically proven successful in regenerating hair and by increasing activity in the follicles.

Visit Scandinavianbiolabs.com

BAREEN is an E-com fashion brand – they have created the ideal T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton

BAREEN is a concept based on frustration – not to find the perfect T-shirt that satisfied all the parameters that a good T-shirt should. Price, quality, and fit were never aligned, and if you finally found a T-shirt with the right fit, it would shrink in the wash or the colors would fade. There just was no T-shirt anywhere that combined it all just so. So four childhood friends decided to make it themselves.

Visit bareentshirt.com

BOLD is an iced coffee combining the great taste of coffee with the power of an energy drink

BOLD iced coffees are based on three espresso shots, a bit of milk (either cow or oat), and a little sugar.

The drink is for those who have to perform in crucial everyday situations. The brand speaks into a universal need to pursue one’s dreams – to be bold.

Visit bolddrinks.dk

Copenhagen Cartel offers environmentally and ethically conscious swim- and activewear

The mission of Copenhagen Cartel is to challenge traditional production- and consumer patterns by giving a new life to waste resources and plastic from the ocean, that usually are seen as worhtless. They offer a broad variety of sustainable products that put people and climate first

Visit copenhagencartel.dk

Muscle House is an all in one fitness-webshop with leading fitness nutrition brands

Muscle House was founded by former Danish veterans, who served the Danish Defence together. Muscle House is build upon a passion for training and the healthy lifestyle focusing on giving the best possible customer experience. This is achieved by providing a broad range and variety of products combined with a competent guidance. Muscle House has even started offering own products under the brand Wispy.

Visit musclehouse.dk

James Ay produce plant-based sunglasses in a timeless and edgy design in high quality

James Ay is a universe of plant-based sunglasses founded in 2019 on the premise that every time you put on a pair, you are in a moment where the sun lightens your heart and frees your mind. With different shapes and shades, a pair of sunglasses can enhance the style quotient of the person wearing them. At JAMES AY we design sunglasses to inspire people to follow the sun and finding their path while wearing one of our styles.

Visit JamesAy.dk

Interior design universe with hand-picked Scandinavian products and articles about furnishing

Stori is on a big mission to become Zalando of the furniture- and interior industry by creating tangible and relatable content to contribute to the consumers creativity and ideas related to interior design. Stori is an online multi-brand store including a big assortment of popular Scandinavian interior brands.

Moreover, Stori also designs and creates their own products which is also to be found on Stori.dk.

Visit Stori.dk

ERRANT offers high-quality sneakers and apparel

Sneaker brand ERRANT is on a mission to make high-quality, comfortable classic sneakers and complementary apparel. They strive to create stylish sneakers that fit any outfit.

They have cut the middlemen away and sell directly to the customers, thus delivering better quality products at lower prices.

Visit Errant.dk

Green Goddess offers supplements for the healthy and climate-friendly lifestyle

Green Goddess offers (when possible) plant-based supplements to make food both delicious and highly nutritious. Green Goddess is on a mission to inspire people to follow the healthy lifestyle based on a philosophy that food when possible should be without refined sugar, gluten, milk products, and preservatives.

Green Goddess has also created their own products, among other their natural Marine Collagen.

Visit GreenGoddess.dk

Urban-Hald offers products for construction through own webshop

Northern Jutland-based Urban-Hald offers innovative and sustainable building materials, including herringbone parquet floors and a micro cement solution. Materials which is easy to use, high quality, and at reasonable prices.

Visit Urban-Hald.dk

O’TAY offers luxurious quality women’s clothes in natural materials

O’TAY is a family-based high fashion universe with clothes for women in all ages in an affordable price range with a high focus on quality and sustainability. Their clothing is all defined by soft natural materials, with feminine details. Clothes which is made to last forever.

Visit O’TAY.dk

BeautyBoosters offer beauty products and on-demand treatment

BeautyBoosters is a groundbreaking beauty on-demand concept offering treatments directly at your front door or wherever you like for your convenience. BeautyBoosters is trying to rethink the treatment process by trying to make it more personal as well as removing wasted time during busy weekdays.

Visit BeautyBoosters.dk

Klub Venus is an online female pleasure universe

Klub Venus aims to break down taboos around female sexuality and make women all over the world comfortable about their desires.

Klub Venus offers a mix of known products, along with their own designed and produced products. A big part of Klub Venus is their community, which they constantly trying to enhance. Through their community, they give knowledge and tell real-life stories from other women.

Visit KlubVenus.dk

Project Nord is an online Scandinavian-inspired posters universe

Project Nord designs and selss Nordic art prints – produced to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Project Nord aims for the perfect blend of Scandinavian heritage and modern aesthetic to help you make your home cosy, stylish and sustainable

Visit ProjectNord.com

IX Studios offers quality jewelry for both women & men

IX Studios is equivalent with Danish handcraft with a massive attitude. It is inspired  by X, an iconic reproduction of the intersection between modern culture, traditional handcraft and sustainable use.

Without any deviation, IX Studios solely make durable, personalized jewelry, that can be used over and over.

Visit ixstudioscph.dk

Algorize is an online marketing agency

Algorize helps and assists small- and medium-sized growth companies establish a stabile foundation for future growth. This is done through efficient and measurable digital tools with a focus on social media and email advertisement.

Visit Aglorize.dk

DreamInfluencers is an online Influencer Marketing Platform

They have created an All-in-One platform that helps ambitious companies structure and scale their Influencer Marketing. Via their platform you can find influencers, build your own influencer teams, view data directly from Instagram, download Influencer-generated content, collaborate and chat with your team members and use this data to improve your monthly Influencer Marketing efforts. DreamInfluencers work exclusively with micro-influencers.

Visit DreamInfluencers.dk

Mercive is a Shopify agency that delivers tailor-made Shopify solutions

They build websites that are both visually appealing and functional. By combining Web Development, Design, Technology & Data, Mercive will deliver tailored Shopify solutions, focusing on the entire customer journey to create a more personalized customer experience.

Mercive is a combination of Blazar Capital’s commercial understanding and the founders Christian, Simon, and Alexander’s international experience in the agency world. 

Visit mercive.com