A portfolio of global online leaders in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce space

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Portfolio Companies

Blazar’s ventures are global online leaders in various consumer industries disrupting monopolized markets by offering a strong value-proposition, a world-class founding team and a global scale. Developed companies in Blazar’s portfolio are classified as Blazar Core, while newly incubated ventures are operated in Blazar Labs.


Nordgreen is an ethical watch brand merging Scandinavian minimalistic design with a strong focus on responsibility

Nordgreen watches are designed by the world-famous designer Jakob Wagner, well known for his large portfolio of Bang & Olufsen designs. The company emphasises sustainability through an extensive CSR effort. The company is founded by Pascar Sivam, Vasilij Brandt and Christian Arnstedt concurrently with their establishment of Blazar Visit nordgreen.com

Nordgreen Watches
Start-up Blazar Core

MessyWeekend is an online eyewear retailer selling affordable sunglasses that blends urban street fashion and creativity…

with a new approach to marketing and manufacturing. MessyWeekend aims to disrupt a high-margin industry by mixing excellent design and great quality with low prices. Numerous large collabs have taken place with – among others – Logan Paul and Mads Nørgaard Visit messyweekend.com

MessyWeekend Eyewear
Start-up Blazar Core

Chamberlain Coffee is a global coffee company built around the vibrant personality of Emma Chamberlain

Chamberlain Coffee combines great coffee with a unique brand identity with the aim to become the first-choice coffee brand for people all around the world. The company was originally founded by the popular Youtuber, Emma Chamberlain. Since Chamberlain Coffee was re-created and re-launched in October 2020 in collaboration with Blazar and is now one of the largest coffee brands on social media in the United States.
Visit chamberlaincoffee.com

Chamberlain Coffee
Start-up Blazar Core
Baby equipment

Moonboon is an online retailer of baby equipment in appealing organic and sustainable materials.

Moonboon’s organic baby equipment is made in designs inspired by the moon, night, sleep, dreams, and adventure. The moon is a symbol of sleep, while Boon, meaning blessing or luck, encapsulates all the good in life. Moonboon products are GOTS certified – among the most popular are the revolutionary baby hammock and baby hammock motor. Visit moonboon.com

Moonboon Baby equipment
Start-up Blazar Core

Scandinavian Biolabs is an online cosmetic brand, focusing on 100% natural and highly functional products.

With the use of 100% natural and vegan ingredients, Scandinavian Biolabs advocate innovation through plant-based ingredients and full transparency when it comes to producing its products. All components in the hair growth formulas are carefully chosen due to the simple fact that they are natural, healthy, and scientifically proven successful in regenerating hair and by increasing activity in the follicles. Visit Scandinavianbiolabs.com

Scandinavian Biolabs Skincare
Start-up Blazar Core

Online art-retailer Project Nord empowers artists to create minimalistic posters combining the Nordic Design tradition with the latest fashion trends and sell them globally.

Project Nord is democratizing the design industry by working with Nordic Design talents to showcase their artwork to a global audience – highlighting the core Nordic values of sustainability and equality. Visit projectnord.com

Project Nord Art
Start-up Blazar Labs