Jul 11. 2022

Dreaminfluencers has announced their new Shopify integration

Dreaminfluencers can finally announce their Shopify integration, a game-changer for all e-commerce brands. It is already being implemented to all Blazar Brands – which they are all looking forward too.

It will help the Blazar Brands to automatically create vouchers for influencers, which they can order with, track discount codes and the sales from the influencer discount codes, and give an overview of which influencers use which vouchers. This is extremely time-efficient for all e-commerce brands, and we are beyond happy and proud of Dreaminfluencers and their work.

This Shopify integration can help e-commerce brands with much more, as it can also tell how much value they receive from the influencers they use. Gathering everything in one place, will make it much easier for brands to save time and keep an overview.

We can’t wait to see what DreamInfluncers has to offer in the future.

Go, and read more about the Dream Team and the work they do on dreaminfluencers.com