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What is an investment in Blazar Capital?

We always welcome corporate and private investors to join us in building the new online startup companies, launched by Blazar Capital. There is a possibility to invest in one of our portfolio companies or spread your investment across multiple businesses.

In the current business environment it has become increasingly difficult to find lucrative return opportunities, with the equity, bond, and real estate markets being at all-time high levels and the interest rates at historical low.

Nevertheless, the online disruption in the consumer & retail industry is still in its infancy; we see great potential for building new global leading companies that will disrupt the industry incumbents and realize steep returns. We would like to offer you to join us in investing in the next wave of these winning businesses.

We take great care in managing your investment prudently. Our management team owns equity in all the companies we launch, enabling fully aligned incentives between Blazar Capital and its investors.

We only invest the capital that is necessary to support the growth plans, to minimize the dilution of all parties. Our unique business model does not assume fixed yearly fees for the funds under management, only the running cost is covered – we win when our investors win.

We take great care in managing your investment prudently

Why Blazar Capital

Top team.

The management and advisory team of Blazar Capital consists of the top-performing talent from top-tier firms and online ventures. We partner with exceptionally bright people to found and manage all our portfolio companies.

Aligned incentives.

Our co-investment structure ensures that everyone’s incentives are fully aligned – we own equity in all the companies we launch. We do not charge any yearly fees for managing the funds and solely focus on growing the business.

Attractive returns.

We provide an opportunity to invest at the very early stage, which implies significantly more favorable valuations and much higher return potential than the majority of existing assets. Additionally as an investor you have more exit flexibility than in most traditional funds PE and Venture funds.

We are open to new investors

We continuously work on developing new ideas and launch the startups behind them on the rolling basis. You are welcome to contact us to learn more about different investment options and terms, via [email protected] or the contact form below.