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Node.js Engineer

Blazar Capital is a young incubator with a portfolio of influential consumer brands, including Nordgreen, The Plant Era, and MessyWeekend. Our mission is to shape great ideas into global businesses that disrupt the markets in which they operate. To help us in our mission, we are looking for an experienced Node.js Engineer to join our central engineering division. The position is a unique opportunity to work with leading-edge technology as part of a dynamic, innovative team.


  • 3+ years of experience working with Node.js
  • In-depth knowledge of REST APIs and highly distributed, scalable and resilient microservices
  • Keep existing microservices up to date in a changing environment.
  • Refine the full stack, from CI/CD tooling, to test automation, building features, running experiments, and monitoring and operations.
  • Push projects forward, while validating and communicating your ideas with the team.
  • Assist in hiring and recruiting efforts to continue to build the team

You’ll be great for this role if

  • You love coding, but also take the time to reflect on the benefits and drawbacks of your tools, be they frameworks, languages or processes.
  • You strive for maintainable and clean code, but also know when to be pragmatic and make your “shortcuts” easy to delete in a crunch.
  • You know what to test, why to test it, and how to write meaningful tests.
  • You have a proactive attitude and a product mindset − you own what you build.
  • Technology excites you and you strive to learn something on a daily basis.
  • You contribute to open source projects.
  • You care deeply about automation and CI/CD.

We are open to remote candidates in the timezones UTC+/-1-4.
Please include a link to your GitHub profile in your application.

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