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Sales Development Representative (DreamInfluencers)

Start date: 02/01/2023

About Dreaminfluencers

Dreaminfluencers enables Brands and Influencers across 15 different countries to work together in a more seamless way than ever before. They have developed an Influencer Marketing Platform that helps brands to run and scale Influencer collaborations, find handpicked influencers, track content and manage the full process from A-Z.

The culture and how the team works:
Dreaminfluencers put cultural fit above everything in our recruitment of new team members.
Hence you need to love the dream values being:
– Freedom and responsibility (FnR)
– Accountability
– and Execution.

Dream believes in setting its people free and letting them exercise their craft.
For Dream, freedom entails the ability to make decisions without having to run them through your manager and that you plan your day as you see fit.
With that kind of freedom, a big responsibility follows; when you are set free in that way, the outcome of your work is 100% your responsibility.

For FnR to work in a healthy way, the team keep each other accountable. It doesn’t matter if it’s upwards, sideward or downwards. It doesn’t matter who it is, the team keep each other accountable for delivering its absolute best and the results desired at all times. Only by keeping each other accountable and living up to the responsibility that comes with FnR will the team be able to create TRUST on a deeper level.


At Dream they rather execute than plan for the unforeseen; They live by the mantra, “Nobody is too proud to mop the floor”.
The team always do what’s required, you’ll never hear anybody say, “that’s not in my job description”.

At Dream they are all about getting started; they do not seek certainty; they always look for clarity. They believe NO decision is worse than a BAD decision.


Dream is owned by Blazar capital, and the HQ is located within the Blazar capital HQ. It creates a unique possibility to spare on a daily basis both between Blazar and Dream but also with other Blazar portfolio companies, it gives Dream an unfair advantage to be located with so many ICPs under the same roof.



About you:

You love the idea of being a part of a fast-growing company, you are eager to learn and excited about the opportunity of working closely with accomplished entrepreneurs and colleagues. You do not need any experience as an SDR, we hire for attitude and cultural fit.


You are a good fit for our company if you can say yes to being:


  1. Ambitious – You set the bar high for yourself and want to go far; maybe you have a dream of becoming a founder of your own company in the future.
  2. Driven – You value hard work; you are the kind of breed that lives to work and doesn’t work to live.
  3. Confident – You know that you can become world-class in whatever you set your mind to.
  4. Honest – You are not afraid to share your honest opinion and provide feedback on the topics you know something about or are passionate about.
  5. Quick – Getting started is half done in your mind. You don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, and you’d rather just try new stuff out than spend months analysing if it’s the right call. You are quick on your feet in communication and can think fast to deal with objections. Most likely, you are good at winging presentations.
  6. Optimistic – You are inherently optimistic and always believe that you’ll get to your goal until the bitter end! And when you fail, you always believe that you’ll fix it and do better next time! You can be knocked down, but you always get back up.


You are a bad fit for the role if you say yes to being:

1. A perfectionist that likes to do things 110% correctly every time, rather than 80%.

2. If you are the kind of person that prefers to research and analyse every client in depth before doing any kind of outreach.

3. If you are the kind of person that sees issues rather than opportunities.

4. If you feel uncomfortable cold calling leads.

5. If you are the kind of person that prefers a process and very direct guidelines for how to do your work.


We are a good fit for you if you can say yes to the following:

  • You want to learn from some of the top salespeople in SaaS
  • You are thriving with freedom and responsibility
  • You are dreaming about a career in SaaS
  • You want to be closely tied to Blazar capital, and you are excited about being surrounded by extremely smart people like – Mikkel Malesa, Mads Wedderkopp, Morten Frank and Markus Bergendorff.


About the role:

As an SDR, you’ll become a part of a small squad consisting of you, an AE and a customer success rep.

Together the 3 of you will work on creating the best possible portfolio of clients.

Your role is paramount in expanding the portfolio, you’ll be in charge of getting new clients into the business and working closely together with the AE of your team to make sure you hit targets and bring in new business.


Success in the role is measured based on the following:

-Amount of meetings booked for the AE.

-Success rate / quality of those meetings.

-Revenue generated with the squad.


Total compensation incl. bonus for hitting targets, will be 30.000 DKK pr. month + pension.
If you go above and beyond, you can easily earn even more.

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