Apr 08. 2020

MessyWeekend’s mission of cleaning the ocean

Our portfolio company Messy Weekend, which produces eyewear and snow goggles, has taken to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colombia to make its environmental changes. In their efforts to make an impact in cleaning the oceans, the eyewear startup partnered 50/50 with 4THEPLANET to do a little good for the Pacific Ocean coastline of Colombia. MessyWeekend decided to do the partnership with the NGO, unlike merely donating money, where the NGO takes care of the charitable activities, which means that they are directly involved in the initiatives as well as donating monetarily.

The partnership is set to clean the ocean from 125 metric tons of plastic by 2022 and thus do our part in delimiting the problem of 8 million metric tons of plastic annually ending up in the ocean causing the death of millions of marine animals. 

If you want to learn more about MessyWeekend´s combat on cleaning the oceans, take a look at their Youtube video from their trip to Colombia through this link, and if you want to check out Messy Weekend´s eyewear and snow googles collection head over to messyweekend.com