Jan 15. 2021

Nordgreen exceeds $16,500,000 in its just second full financial year

Christian Arnstedt, Vasilij Brandt, Pascar Sivam, Jakob Wagner - Nordgreen - Blazar Capital - 2021
Christian Arnstedt, Vasilij Brandt, Pascar Sivam, Jakob Wagner – Nordgreen – Blazar Capital – 2021

With a drastically growing number of employees and the renowned Bang & Olufsen designer Jakob Wagner on the team, Nordgreen has now – in the brands’ just our second full financial year – rounded a turnover of +$16,500,000. Nordgreen seriously entered the market in mid-2018, and the rest of the year the brand had sales of approximately $1,200,000. 2019 – the company’s first full financial year – resulted in a turnover of $5,100,000, and in 2020 Nordgreen hit a turnover of no less than just over $16,500,000.

At the same time, Nordgreen has created over 40 jobs in Denmark, while at the same time taken some important steps within social responsibility and sustainability, which the brand attach great importance to.

The company’s great financial progress is beyond all expectations, says one of the three Nordgreen / Blazar founders, Vasilij Brandt: “We are incredibly pleased with the development that Nordgreen has undergone since its establishment. We did not expect to reach the milestone of 100 million so quickly, which is why we are also extremely proud of the result. But it does not make us lower our ambitions for the coming financial years – on the contrary, it has only motivated us for more” says Vasilij Brandt.

Nordgreen / Blazar founder Pascar Sivam adds: “At the same time, we have managed to maintain and also expand our fundamental vision of ‘giving back’ to our planet and the world’s needy communities, which just makes us extra happy and proud. Our ‘Giving Back Program’ is an integrated part of Nordgreen’s DNA, and our three NGO partnerships have become an indispensable part of our history. We send a big thank you to our many partners” he says.

Christian Arnstedt adds that “we’re happy to see the strong development in the brands sustainability journey, which aligns very well with Blazar’s overall CSR strategy which is being applied across all ventures in the portfolio”.


  • +$16,500,000 USD in net revenue
  • Created +40 jobs in Denmark and employed significantly under corona lock-down
  • Our ‘Giving Back Program’ has:
  • Ensured +33,000 months of education for children in India
  • Ensured +64,000 months of clean drinking water for people in the Central African Republic
  • Preserved + 900,000m2 of rainforest in Latin America
  • We have also donated +2,000 rounds of chemotherapy to children in developing countries through our collaboration with the Danish musician Christopher. The donations take place through World Child Cancer.
  • Nordgreen products sold in more than 130 countries (Denmark accounts for less than 5 percent of total sales – Germany, United Kingdom, China, USA, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Ireland and Australia account for the majority of sales)

Partnerships and Other Results

  • Developed great partnerships with other brands and celebrities. Among our many partnerships, we have, for example, designed watches with: The Danish star singer Christopher (see here), The Korean brand Kakao Friends (see here), which has previously worked with e.g. Louis Vuitton (see here), and the Japanese star actor Koyuki, who e.g. previously starred in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise (see here).
  • Won a 2020 Red Dot Design Award for the Pioneer watch, which was designed by the renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner.
  • Has received more than 15,000 customer reviews across Trustpilot and Feefo with an average of +4.8 / 5 (among the best reviews in the global watch industry).

About Nordgreen

Nordgreen’s history begins in 2017 and stems from a desire by the three 30-year-old founders, Pascar Sivam, Vasilij Brandt and Christian Arnstedt to establish a brand deeply rooted in the sustainable practice combined with a both aesthetic and functional collection of designer watches. The three entrepreneurs have realized their vision together with the award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner, who is known for his design collaborations with brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Hay, B&B Italia and Cappellini.