We are aspiring to leave a positive impact on the planet and giving back to society

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Carbon neutral Copenhagen office

Blazar Capital is aspiring to leave a positive impact on the planet and giving back to society. Blazar Capital works out of a carbon neutral office which has had the CO2 pollution offset annually, by planting trees in the Amazonas and is working with a CSR investment strategy reflected in the portfolio companies and their initiatives. But we can do so much more – which is why we decided to create an open network called OneBetterFuture, for sustainable and environmental minded companies.

OneBetterFuture is inspired by social responsibility and Nordic values. It is an integrated part of our own business and we encourage our portfolio companies to be environmentally cautious and to strive for making a positive impact. The network operates by members connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with taking a more social and environmental approach to running a company. There is no oversight or monetisation by OneBetterFuture, this network works purely based on our members experience, passion and know-how.


Motivated by Nordic values, Nordgreen believes in helping securing everyone their basic human rights.

Nordgreen has social responsibility built into their DNA. The name has a special story – “Nord” from the Nordics and “Green” for sustainability.
Through their giving back programme, Nordgreen lets the customer decide between supporting the cause of providing clean water to Central Africa, free education to kids in India and protecting the rainforest in Central America.

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MessyWeekend helps ensure clean oceans though partnerships with NGO’s and environmental organizations.

Messyweekend is working together with well-established organizations fighting plastic waste in the ocean. For each product sold, they ensure plastic cleanup in collaboration with established partners and organizations. They are constantly working on improving their initiatives and activities.

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Project Nord

Project Nord gives back what they took from nature

Sustainability is a key part of Project Nord’s ethos.
Each time they sell one product, they plant one tree in collaboration with a well established organisation to ensure the reforestation that is vital for our ecosystems and the fighting back of global climate chan
Furthermore the paper they print on is certified to ensure it’s sustainably sourced and they use water-based, solvent-free, odourless ink, which requires no ventilation. Thus, it’s the most environmentally-friendly way to print

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Atom & Matter

It’s important for Atom & Matter and Bethany Mota that the brand and product is created with a social and environmental approach.

Atom & Matter produces jewelry and packaging out of recycled material sourced by socially responsible partners. A part of the sales go directly to Step Up and Pratham, which are two organizations that are dedicated to empowering females in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential.

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Chamberlain Coffee

Coffee tastes better when it’s made responsibly and ethically.

That’s why Chamberlain Coffee is committed to only sharing high-quality coffee that’s been sustainably sourced and made with zero pesticides. All their coffee products are freshly roasted and prepared at their local facility in California to ensure the high standards and proper labor practices. All products are Certified USDA organic and fair trade, furthermore the packaging is made with environmentally friendly materials.

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