We aspire to minimize our impact on the planet and give back to society

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Claiming responsibility through sustainability

At Blazar, we aspire to minimize our impact on the planet and give back to society. Over the past years, the climate crisis has only grown more impactful, breeding the need for businesses to claim responsibility through sustainability. Blazar aspires to minimize this through a focus on sustainability.

Blazar works out of a carbon neutral office which has had its CO2 pollution offset annually, by planting trees in Amazonas. We are also working with a CSR investment strategy reflected in the portfolio companies and their initiatives, and thus we have decided to create an open network called OneBetterFuture, for sustainable and environmentally minded companies. 

OneBetterFuture is an integrated part of our own business and we encourage our portfolio companies to be environmentally cautious and to strive to minimize their negative impact on the environment. The network operates by members connecting and sharing knowledge and experience with taking a more social and environmental approach to running a company. There is no oversight or monetization by OneBetterFuture. The network works purely based on members’ experience, passion, know-how, and willingness to strive towards a better future. Every portfolio company contributes in their own way – only in collaboration, Blazar companies will create OneBetterFuture.


Motivated by Nordic values, Nordgreen believes that good health, a clean environment, and a full education are rights for all.

Nordgreen is a watch brand that has social responsibility built into its DNA – “Nord” represents the Nordics while “Green” embodies sustainable focus as exemplified by the company being B-Corp Certified.

Through their giving back program, Nordgreen lets customers decide between supporting the cause of providing clean water to Central Africa, free education to kids in India, and protecting the rainforest in Central America in collaboration with partners such as Water for Good, Cool Earth, and Pratham UK.

In 2020, Nordgreen’s giving back program resulted in:

  • +64.000 months of drinking water provided to people in the Central African Republic
  • +900.000 m2 of rainforest preserved in Latin America
  • +33.000 months of education to children in India
  • +2,000 rounds of chemotherapy donated to children across Africa, Asia, and Central America
  • +8500 kg of plastic cleaned from the ocean

Read more on nordgreen.com

Copenhagen Cartel

Every product in Copenhagen Cartel’s assortment is contributing to the removal of plastic from the ocean.

Part of Copenhagen Cartel’s swimwear and activewear are made of recycled ocean plastic – for example dangerous ghost nets that float around the oceans.

The use of ghost nets to create our swimwear and activewear has an even larger impact on the planet than you might think. It reduces the amount of plastic in our oceans. It helps save our beautiful marine life. And by using recycled ocean plastic, we spare the planet’s precious resources and minimize our overall carbon footprint.

Copenhagen Cartel has contributed to a total clean-up of 1.9 tons of plastic, captured over nine clean-up events in 2021. A total of +39.000 plastic bottles through ReSea, a rescue of 3302 baby turtles through SEE Turtle. Moreover, they donate regularly to The NGO, Plastic Change, an NGO working to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution on a global scale. 

Read more on copenhagencartel.com


Moonboon is GOTS-certified, which ensures full sustainability throughout the life cycle of all their products.

Moonboon’s products are made from organic materials – e.g. the mattress of the sling cradle is filled with natural kapok, and all textiles are organic.

The brand supply chain has sustainability in mind at all levels from processing to production, packaging, labelling, trade, and shipping

Moreover, MoonBoon focuses on Fair Production, meaning that they wish to raise the standards for social sustainability. They make sure that social criteria, such as no child work and a healthy work environment, are met by Moonboon and their suppliers.

Read more on moonboon.dk


MessyWeekend helps minimize trash in our oceans through partnerships with NGOs and environmental organizations.

MessyWeekend works together with well-established organizations fighting plastic waste in the ocean. For each product sold, they donate a share of revenue to NGOs (ReSea and Plastic Change) facilitating the clean-up of marine plastic corresponding to the weight of 5 plastic bottles or 100 straws per product sold.

So far, MessyWeekend has donated towards the clean-up of 250 tons of plastic in the Pacific Ocean.

Read more on messyweekend.com

Scandinavian Biolabs

Scandinavian Biolabs has partnered up with environmental organizations help clean up the oceans.

From the beginning, Scandinavian Biolabs has had a relentless focus on creating products from naturally derived ingredients in high quality. The brand has recently switched to recycled PET as a consequence of their increasing focus on sustainability.

During Black Week 2021, Scandinavian Biolabs collaborated with Reefscapers, donating 10% of their revenue to a local NGO in the Maldives, which propagates coral reefs.

In 2022, they partnered with Cleanhub to become plastic-neutral, collecting 4.500 kg plastic from the ocean.

Read more on scandinavianbiolabs.com

Chamberlain Coffee

Chamberlain Coffee is Certified Organic and prepared at their local facility in California.

Chamberlain Coffee is committed to only sharing high-quality coffee that’s been sustainably sourced and made with zero pesticides. All their coffee products are freshly roasted and prepared locally to ensure high standards and proper labor practices.

Moreover, Chamberlain Coffee works with Food4Farmers, to ensure long-term food security for families within the coffee farming communities.

All products are certified USDA organic, furthermore, the packaging is made with environmentally friendly materials.

Read more on chamberlaincoffee.com


Bareen supports the movement towards a more sustainable clothing industry.

That’s why ecology, recycling and high quality are Bareen’s ultimate benchmarks. Their T-shirts are produced from 100% organic cotton by certified eco-friendly and ethical suppliers, using no harmful chemicals. The T-shirts are GOTS-certified, meaning that they are developed under responsible and sustainable working conditions, throughout all steps of the production chain – from the time the cotton is harvested until the product is finished.

Customers receive their T-shirts in wrapping recycled plastic and with a loving consideration for the world’s oceans.

Moreover, Bareen has made a long-term cooperation with Red Cross. In November they launched a collab T-shirt with the words “always present” and donated 10 DKK for each T-shirt sold during Black Friday. In 2022 Bareen donated a check for 220.000 DKK to Red Cross. 

Read more on bareentshirt.dk

Bold Drinks

Bold makes a difference.

Many entrepreneurs wish to make a difference, and so does Bold. In 2021, Bold created a limited edition design with their classic iced espresso variant. The limited can was a collaboration with Red Cross, where Bold donated 99.000 DKK – 1 DKK for each Red Cross x Bold can sold. 

Read more on bolddrinks.dk.

Urban Hald

Urban Hald has 100% FSC certified floors.

Urban Hald’s floors are completely free of harmful chemicals. All the wood is oiled with a Rubio Monocoat oil, exclusively made with natural ingredients. Urban Hald has a huge focus on using natural ingredients, so the children, who have the most contact with floors, are without negative impact. 

On top of this, Urban Hald hooked up with a producer who exclusively has 100% certificated forests, including forests covered by the FSC-program. 

Read more on urbanhald.dk

IX Studios

Jewelry that can last forever.

All the materials that IX Studios are operating with, are provided after ethically correct standards. Thus, they only have suppliers who are a member of RJC, Responsible Jewelry Council, which arranges responsible production and supply conditions. 

They use 100% reusable precious metals and are one of the few jewelry brands that has a certification in producing jewelry exclusively from recycled materials.  

One of the characteristics is that IX Studios apply natural stones in their signet rings. For many, this would be stones with mistakes, but for IX Studios, they see these stones as unique. 

Read more on ixstudioscph.dk.

James Ay

James Ay’s mission is to give more back to the planet than what we use.

They use 100% plant-based materials – a material that is 100% degradable. A pair of sunglasses will after 115 days be 90% natural gases, and the last 10% will be converted to water and biomass. When receiving a pair of James Ay sunglasses, the customer receives them in a reusable leather etui, with a cleaning cloth made from discarded plastic bottles. 

James Ay donates to the organization, Climaider. An organization that plants trees and contributes to new ways of living a more sustainable future. By donating to Climaider, James Ay gives back to the planet, as Climaider plants 1 tree for each product they sell. 

Read more on jamesay.dk

Project Nord

Project Nord gives back what they took from nature.

Sustainability is a key part of Project Nord’s ethos. Each time they sell a product, they plant a tree in collaboration with a well-established NGO to ensure reforestation, which is vital for our ecosystems. Moreover, Project Nord only prints on certified sustainably sourced paper. They use water-based, solvent-free, odorless ink, which requires no ventilation.

They has teamed up with local printers in 30 countries to ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions from transport.  

Read more on projectnord.com