Feb 12. 2020

O’Tay is the latest investment made through the Danish version of Shark Tank

Blazar Capital invests in O´TAY which is a young Danish start-up founded in April 2019. Thus, Blazar Capital finalizes the third investment in the Danish version of Shark Tank.
O´TAY is a company operating in the women’s fashion industry with a focus on providing high-quality products at an affordable price as well as incorporating sustainability in the business model. To achieve this mission, O`TAY is operating as an e-commerce company selling the products directly to the consumers. Moreover, O`TAY is producing high-quality products in a timeless design with a long lifetime, thus improving the sustainability of the products. Also, the sustainable vision of the company is reflected in a new sustainable collection of the company. In spring 2020 the company will produce a collection with use of leftover yarns from overproductions, hence limiting the waste of the fashion industry.
The Blazar central team will be supporting the company in optimizing operations and will be following the company’s performance closely.