Jan 28. 2021

The re-launch of Chamberlain Coffee

A new and exciting company is part of the Blazar group. Blazar supported Emma Chamberlain in launching the re-branded Chamberlain Coffee on September 27. The brand is off to a flying start and we are very happy with the collaboration with Emma.

The company is founded by the American Youtuber Emma Chamberlain and offers a variety of high-quality coffee blends that is responsibly made using organic and fair-trade ingredients. The operations of the company is supported by Blazar and Blazar is a co-owner of the brand together with Emma.

Chamberlain Coffee has already established itself in the American market with a growing following on social media and loyal fans in the GenZ segment. The brand that is filled with Emma’s vibrant personality meets its customers eye-to-eye and aims to create a special Chamberlain Coffee community among the GenZ’s through its offering of great coffee and merchandise products.