Jan 10. 2020

Year-end 2019 marks the conclusion of a strong year, with promising outlooks for the coming Financial Year 2020

The conclusion of the Financial Year 2019 marks the end of the first full accounting year with operations for several ventures in the portfolio. FY 2019 was thus the first year of the Blazar Capital portfolio, where a full cycle of operations could be measured, and the ventures exhibited strong growth. The strong growth trajectories from 2018 have thus continued throughout FY 2019. 

 Further, the central team of Blazar Capital has been strengthened by the addition of strong profiles within key areas of e-commerce support set-up to the benefit of the portfolio. Similarly, Blazar management is satisfied with the recruitments made by the ventures, where especially Nordgreen has strengthened its management with the addition of Lars Kornbech, former Senior VP at Fossil Group, who is expected to be a strong driver of further offline growth for the venture. 

 FY 2020 is thus showing good prospects, as newly founded Blazar Elite, Blazar Capital’s influencer branch, is expected to establish itself, while the combined growth trajectory of the portfolio is expected to continue and further improve.