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We develop exceptional people

At Blazar, we continually seek exceptional talent to enhance our dynamic team. Our opportunities span across both our core central team and the diverse range of innovative brands within our portfolio, encompassing companies we've incubated or strategically financed. Joining Blazar means collaborating with a cross-functional group of professionals, with experience in entrepreneurship, finance, consulting and investments.

Experience rapid professional and personal growth

People are our biggest asset and we invest greatly in developing our teams. You will be continuously challenged to expand your toolbox and hone your skills. The learning curve will be steep and the ride will be fun.

Join an ambitious team

We hire people with unique qualifications and potential. You will join a team of leading entrepreneurs and managers. You will be part of a caring environment, where we collaborate selflessly and constantly develop and support one another.

Be a part of the disruption in the online space

We work on big ideas and aim to build leading companies on an international scale. At Blazar you will be given carte blanche to make a real difference – whether by developing a new online platform or creating the next global consumer brand.

We look for entrepreneurial individuals

At Blazar, we recognize the value of teamwork and the diverse skills each team member contributes to our journey in the consumer industry. Our approach is centered around appreciating and nurturing the varied talents of our team, which are crucial for understanding and thriving in the intricacies of both online and offline markets. We focus on five key qualities that we find important in supporting the growth of our portfolio companies and contributing to our collective mission

Problem-solving skills

We tackle tough toughest challenges that the consumer industry is facing today, both online and offline. This requires a good problem-solving toolbox – analytically, conceptually, and quantitatively.


We look for people with outstanding drive and energy – those who are entrepreneurs at heart, ready to accept any challenge and persevere through; those who get things done in the most efficient and pragmatic way.


To succeed in the entrepreneurial environment, you need to be able to master skills in different areas. We look for people with a well-rounded profile, who can have the end-to-end business perspective, without compromising to detail.

Inspirational leadership

We seek to work with people who have strong intrinsics – those who are magnets for talent, able to excite and inspire others, and are effective communicators with any audience.

Inspirational resilience

Launching or managing a company is always a tough undertaking and it is crucial that you can see the bumps on the road as opportunities, not as setbacks. Building an enduring business is a marathon – usually won by true stayers.

Join us in starting a company

Open positions at Blazar

We are growing very fast and are constantly looking for top talents for various areas – from front-end development and graphic design to performance management and recruiting. We are hiring on a rolling basis and the list of currently open positions is below. If you believe that you have the profile we are looking for, but none of the open positions fits, you are welcome to send us an application.

Let’s get in

We're always on the lookout for top talents to either join our portfolio brands, or the central Blazar team. So make sure to reach out, if any of our open positions suits your requirements!